Song Premiere: “For My Friends” by Stone Irr

Stone Irr — yes that is his real name — is a combination of folk, singer songwriter, sometimes lo-fi and sometimes not. Just start with the name: what seems like an obvious pun was, in fact, an honest mistake, and as soon as Stone’s parents found out, they offered to take him to the Lafayette, Indiana courthouse and change it. He was already in middle school. True story.

His new album Sinner, out July 28th, is a commentary about complicated relationships with religion, conservatism and partners. The song “For My Friends” is a hauntingly beautiful track driven by an acoustic guitar and crooning vocals flipping from smoky to smooth. Stone’s vocal is definitely the star of the song questioning life in a vulnerable whisper that builds throughout. Let yourself be wooed by Stone and take a listen for yourself.

“I wrote this song with the intention of thanking my friends for their support with this little solo project. The song was written for voice only—as the demo contained only a vocal loop. I sent my friend Aaron Smith a reworked version of the track and he added these incredibly subtle but powerful strings. From that point on we started working together to produce what became the rest of the album.”

Sinner out 7/28 on Darling Recordings, preorder here.

photo by: courtesy of the artist