Song Premiere: “Dark Chandelier” by Americana Songstress Anna Tivel

Listening to any one of Anna Tivel’s songs is like slipping into a long lost tradition, a forgotten story — something old but intangibly powerful. It comes through in Tivel’s lyrical honesty and ability to transform everyday encounters into broader representations of love and resistance. This is the true spirit of Americana, and Tivel captures it with an intimacy and simplicity that speaks volumes. On the inspiration behind her latest track she says,

“I spent a whole day awhile back reading through the stories on the Occupy website. There’s that section where people take a picture of their face and they’re holding up a handwritten description of what’s going on in their lives. I’d never seen it before and got really lost reading through pages and pages of people’s stories, lost jobs and healthcare and difficult family situations and hope for a movement that could do something to help. I wrote Dark Chandelier that same day, just a made up story inspired by all the things I read.”

Listen to “Dark Chandelier” below, off of Tivel’s upcoming album Small Believer, out September 29. Preorder here

photo by: Jeffrey Martin; Ian Sane/Flickr