Song Premiere: “Dancing With Death” by O+S

The track “Dancing With Death” by indie pop duo made up of Remy Zero’s Cedric LeMoyne and Azure Ray’s Orenda Fink, permeates a dreamy, hazy, upbeat mix of sounds. The poppy elements of the track melt into a slightly noisy and calming backdrop, giving the song an effortless listen and an almost impalpable texture.

Like many other collaborations, O+S has a distinct dynamic that spurs from the merging of two distinct styles and ideas. The courser alt. rock of Remy Zero blends with the smooth dream pop of Azure Ray to provide a fine-grained product. Their musical union’s first fruits made way in 2009 when their self-titled album O+S debuted. The collection of songs making up their second album was originally scrapped five years ago in the midst of both parties dealing with loss. Fink’s 15 year-old dog was dying, and Gregory Slay of Remy Zero’s devastating passing prompted much of the inspiration for the record. Slay’s heavy involvement with the first album gave the project even more weight, which was eventually re-visited by Fink and LeMoyne about half a year ago, the unearthing of which was painfully profound. The result is the finished sophomore LP, You Were Once the Sun, Now You’re the Moon, set to be released on April 21 through Saddle Creek. Fink says: 

…we let ourselves fully inhabit our biggest existential hurdle: the fear and pain of death. And then five years passed… about six months ago, I woke up one morning and said, “We have to finish this record.” We brought it to our long time friend, Andy LeMaster, who song by song, resurrected our initial creation and breathed a new life into it. Cedric and I both wept when we first listened to the mixes. It just brought back — I don’t know — cicadas, the heavy air of Alabama, the dark windy roads to Jeffrey Cain’s studio, the UFO Cedric saw from the balcony of our apartment, Gregory, Wilson, all of it. We’re not going to tour or play any of this material live, but we thought it should finally exist in the world somewhere outside of a hard drive and we’d like to thank Saddle Creek for giving us the opportunity to release it.

Listen to “Dancing with Death” below: 

photo by: Mia Kirby; Chris Lawson