Song Premiere: Dakota Blue’s “Bolo”

Dakota Blue grew up writing and recording songs in LA pool houses. He now writes songs in his head on long walks and records in his bedroom in Century City, Los Angeles.

His forthcoming EP, Rodeo Knife, is a collection of songs influenced by a specific zone of LA. A cowboy brandishing a knife and a lasso on Rodeo Drive. A stroll through space themed streets devoid of people. In this comfortable and isolated space, the songs just wrote themselves. Emotions range from “Aw Man’s” anxious energy addressing borderline agoraphobia to “Cashmere’s” soft nostalgic ballad about previous homes. 

“In ‘Bolo’ my guitar does most of the talking. I also contributed lyrics that are pulled from stream of conscious writings and eavesdropping notes.” 

Listen to “Bolo” below: 

photo by: background: Marina Williams