Song Premiere: Church Girls’ “Better Off”

Dreamy indie-rock quartet Church Girls’ latest single “Better Off” feels as cleansing as a summer rainstorm. Melodic and rejuvenating, “Better Off” is all about letting go and new beginnings, underscored by lead singer Mariel Beaumont’s hypnotizing vocals which feel both vintage and fresh.

“Better Off” is about “a creative relationship that began with promise but ultimately crumbled,” says Beaumont. “I think we’d seen some things in each other that couldn’t be unseen. Writing the song helped me confront some of the mistakes I’d made, and eventually helped me move past them.”

Church Girls formed in Philadelphia in 2014 when Beaumont decided she needed a creative outlet outside of her career in the fashion world. Inspired by punk bands from her teenage years, Beaumont writes with an honest, vulnerability about relationships, the breakdown of communication, growing older and more. As heavy as these topics can be, Beaumont manages to bring a beautiful lightness to the songs with disarming and enchanting vocals and melodies.

The band released their debut album Thousand Lives in 2016 and are now set to release their follow up LP Hidalgo featuring “Better Off.” Produced by Erik Wofford (The Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky)the dreamy, expansive sound that can be heard on the single, rings throughout the record.

Listen to Church Girls’ “Better Off” now: 

photo by: Charlie Wrznasty; Visit Philadelphia