Song Premiere: Bonnie Li’s “We Should Go To Sleep As The Birds Are Singing” + Remix

Bonnie Li’s music takes traditional Parisian pop and twists it into something else entirely — a multi-lingual cinematic experience with glitched out electronics and dark sweeping emotional arcs. Her latest single “We Should Go To Sleep As The Birds Are Singing” encompasses these elements fully. These many layers are perhaps a product of her childhood in Hong Kong mixed with her many travels to the US, Berlin, Montreal and Paris. With so many varying influences, genres and techniques to draw upon, Li, along with her musical partner Elia M, has truly created something unique. On the inspiration behind the song Li says:

“When I was living in Paris, I left my friends studio (I.N.C.H & Al’tarba) where we were having an after party, it was dawn, abstract hip hop was playing, I walked back home and I was dazed by the tranquility of the morning, and birds started singing. It is a love song, to an imaginary person, we have one life, let’s live it fully and fuck the rest or what gossipers say.”

Listen to the single and remix below. The duo’s debut EP Plane-Crash is due out in early November of this year.

photo by: Kiril Bikov