Song Premiere: BIRDS “See It All”

BIRDS is a straightforward pysch rock band from Brooklyn. BIRDS started as a recording project of lead singer Duane Lauginiger, who’s now joined by Jessica Reynoza (WILLOWZ), Jess Rees (Russian Baths), and Tim Plunkett (Gondola.) The band first started with a loose circle of musicians and friends that finally settled into this permanent lineup. They play a fuzzed-out mix of psych, pop, and straightforward rock ‘n’ roll, with lush layers of instrumentation and dreamy vocal harmonies that give the new album an ethereal, blissed-out vibe.

Their debut album, Everything All At Once, is due out August 18th via Greenway Records, and is currently available for pre-order on LP and cassette. Written at Time Castle (a basement studio run by Lauginiger) and recorded by Paul Kostabi at Thunderdome Studio, the new tracks meld ’60s pop hooks with the distorted, blown out sounds of the ’90s.

Prepping for the release of their new full length, BIRDS is teasing the album with a new single to wet your whistle. “See It All” is a modern rock ‘n’ roll song, with layered vocals, driven instrumentation that make up a very enjoyable two minutes and thirty four seconds. If the album is anything like this track, fans of fuzzed out rock ‘n’ roll will be pleased with this one. Take a listen for yourself.