Song Premiere: ADLT VDEO’s “Break” Gets a Remix by Moby

ADLT VDEO’s music is the result of two prolific artists bringing together a breadth of knowledge and style, and in combining forces Mindy Jones and Luke Top (of Fool’s Gold), have created their own strain of pop. It’s dark, pulsing and a throwback to the new wave dance tracks that got us through the angst of the 80s. With an entirely new era of uncertainty, ADLT VDEO is providing the soundtrack to those times we just want to get lost in the moment. Today we present a remix of track “Break” by Jones’ longtime collaborator Moby. The original tune already had the rhythmic profile to get everyone moving, but Moby ups the anticipation while morphing the track into a more minimalist and even more haunting journey. On the origins of the remix Jones says, “Moby and I have been collaborating on music for years. When he showed up for our single release party for ‘Break’ in Echo Park, he liked it so much, he took it home and rearranged it!”

Listen to Moby’s remix of “Break” below: 

photo by: Hussein Katz