Song Premiere: “Wires” by Alejandra O’Leary

Portland, Maine-based Alejandra O’Leary has returned with the smoldering single, “Wires,” from her epic forthcoming LP EVEREST.

Apparently, the half Colombian, half Irish singer-songwriter was rather reticent about providing too much context for her collaborators this time around. She only sent her band vague demos of her new material, and when they showed up the studio to record, it was made clear that they were going to improvise the song’s final arrangement. Harnessing that sense of spontaneity might be contributing factor to the savage vibe of the single, which leaps out of the speakers like some kind of undomesticated animal.

O’Leary is a bit of an anomaly, even by modern rock n’ roll standards, and while she certainly taps into the lulling shoegaze vibes of early 90s Lilith Fair, there is very little prefabricated framework in her music. It’s wild and unrestrained, often traversing many different genres within one song, while remaining indicative of her rock-solid aesthetic.

Being a woman of color with a unique name, growing up in a predominantly conventional town helped prime her for a life lived on the fringe. Somewhere along the line she vowed to embrace her outsider status and has never looked back. “I’ve always been at home with messiness, big emotions and uncertainty,” Alejandra reflects. “I guess that’s why I like rock n’ roll.”

Listen below for her latest single:

photo by: Annemie Tonken