Song Premiere: Town Criers release new track, “It Ain’t Love”

You know those relationships where you thought you found your soulmate but looking back, it was just unnecessary suffering of romantic idealism?

Well, Chicago based garage-rock band, Town Criers, is here to tell you that “true love” isn’t what you think it is with the release of their latest single, “It Ain’t Love,” off of their upcoming EP set to release May 6th.

The band, consisting of Scott Truesdale, Andre Baptista and Kevin Allen, recorded the track with bassist, Jimmy Russell, at Twin Peaks studio in Chicago, which was produced by Twin Peak’s guitarist, Cadien Lake James, and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew Humphrey (Twin Peaks, Calpurnia, Divino Nino).

“The concept of ‘soulmates’ is shoved down our throats from a very young age, both in men and women, in very different ways,” said Baptista. “It gives us these feelings of anxiety and despair as if our biological clocks are ticking faster than our lives are moving. There’s a fear that if we don’t find [true love], our existence would be borderline meaningless, which isn’t true. Love is everywhere, scattered throughout the little things in our lives that, at many times, go unnoticed.”

Listen to “It Ain’t Love” below and catch Town Criers live in Chicago on April 27th. 


You, cannonball, aimed at me across the hall

Even if you hit other people in between

She pulls me in, like the tide pulls in the sea

Says “it’s plain to see that you’re my cup of tea, it’s clear to me”

And then, somehow, she comes and asks me face to face

“Honey, what’s your name and how much time you’ve got to waste?”

She brings a smile, just like the sun between the clouds

She buys a round, sweeps my feet right off the ground

But I’ve been waiting

Why she kept me waiting?

It’s a game I’ll keep on playing for so long


And if it ain’t crazy (It Aint Love)

And if it ain’t hard (It Ain’t Love)

And if it doesn’t hurt you (It Ain’t Love)

If it doesn’t leave a scar

Juliette met Dave, back in 1948

He was bold and brave, she had just become of age

She sighs in stress, picks the color of her dress

Rides for Sunday Mess, she knows better to impress

She’d seen before, David leaning on the wall

Out the bar next door, telling stories from the War

And Dave gave in, he could hear their wedding bells

Ring inside his head, but she left with someone else

Love, it ain’t love; give me some love…

photo by: Tim Nagle