Song Premiere + Tour Diary: “Rip Tide” by Race the Tide
song premiere

Race the Tide is the latest project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jesse Macht, who with his Springsteen-esque balladry breathes new life into Americana.

Although his roots remain in the genre, Macht seamlessly strays into other more modern territories with his subtle use of ambient  electro and pop. To showcase his music in true Americana tradition, Macht will be taking his show on the road as the face of Airstream’s Endless Caravan, curating a series of arts events along the way. By diverting from the traditional tour life, Macht is using his music to bring communities together and create an authentic exchange between audience and performer. Macht says:

The most inspiring thing about this tour is watching the transition of an audience that has no idea what to expect, to an audience and community  that will have an unforgettable memory infused with information, art, community,  friendship and communication. My performances are merely a puzzle piece to the event that asks its patrons to not only enjoy James’ and my music, but to share or present something that they are inspired or interested by and share it with the group who are thusly transformed forever by this open marketplace of radical sharing.

Race the Tide’s debut album is due out in November and we have the latest single for you below. Enjoy “Rip Tide” as you peruse a few snapshots of the band on the road.