Song Premiere: “That Thing” by Someday River

Floridian rock revivalists Someday River, don’t completely abandon structure on their latest track “That Thing.”

Rather, they provide a tonality — a vibe that’s more enveloping than linear. Rooted in a more experimental take on folk, the track features horns, guitar and vocals that lazily arc forward under a heavy dose of delay and reverb. On the meaning behind the tune, the band says,

“I’m not always the best communicator, be it with friends, family, or even myself. Sometimes writing songs can help me communicate; it is a mostly freeform process.

The underlying themes and meaning of a song will often come to light in a retrospective way. This song is about seeing someone you love continuously fall into a cycle of addiction, and the feeling of helplessness that goes along with that. For me, ‘That Thing’ produces a space for healing; I hope it can create that same sense for other people.”

Listen to “That Thing” below, and if you’re in/near Florida, be sure to catch them on tour.

photo by: Kasey Makal; background Donnie Nunley/Flickr