Song Premiere: Squalloscope “Pando”

If you don’t know the Austrian songwriter, music producer, multimedia artist, illustrator and singer (phew) that is Squalloscope that’s because Anna Kohlweis was FKA Paper Bird.  She released three albums under the Paper Bird moniker before making the change to Squalloscope and lucky for us she will be releasing her fascinating sophomore album Exoskeletons for Children.  The album emerged over the course of two years, beginning when Kohlweis had temporarily moved back into her childhood home in her thirties where she recorded, mixed and engineered the new album entirely on her own, which is a feat of it’s own, let alone making it sound as good as it does.  Under the lyrics and vocal tracks the field recordings, beats, synths and guitars weave your ears through 13 pleasing tracks that will make your toes tap. Exoskeletons for Children is set to release November 3 via Fake Four Inc. Teasing the first track of the upcoming full length, “Pando”, Squalloscope’s vocals are like butter drizzled over top hypnotic beat. Take a listen and enjoy for yourself.

“Pando is a colony of aspen trees near Fish Lake in Utah. I came by there one autumn after the news had been especially full of stories about border crossings of all kind for a few weeks in a row. Pando looks like a group of pretty ordinary individual trees, but they share one gigantic root system and are suspected to be one of the oldest living organisms on earth. A year later, I wrote this song, which ended up being a little bit about trees and a lot about solidarity and secret sisterhoods spanning time and space in troublesome times.”

Pre-order Exoskeletons for Children here.