Soak Up the Mystic Murkiness from Vivid Left-Field Rock Outfit Historian
song premiere

If you’ve heard anything from LA’s Historian in the past, it’s probably no stretch to say they’ve matured to embody an explorative, singular artist. Their unhinged, lonesome tunes feel like beautiful hybrid of Radiohead andThe National, with singer Chris Karman’s Cohen-esque, chant-like inflection guiding the music further into strange waters.

Distant Wells is the band’s fourth full-length album, and possibly the strongest entry in their cohesive arsenal, building off last year’s critically acclaimed Expanse. Culture Collide is psyched to premiere the LP’s gorgeous lead-off single “Familiar Bell” which boasts some serious melancholy Mellotron vibes, offset by an exuberant Asian-tinged string section.

Karman is clearly a visionary who imbues his heartfelt songs with an expansive array of tactile production nuance and puzzling extractions. Hopeful lyrics are sung in haunting minor key melodies while lamenting notions are set to chiming major key movements. You might find yourself feeling lost and found, simultaneously, and then dashed into the warm indifference of the ethers. In other words, this isn’t your mom’s cookie cutter indie rock. It’s alive with all the light, dark, and alternative shades that accompany our emotionally complex experience here on earth.

Listen to “Familiar Bell” below: 

photo by: Anna Maria Lopez