Song Premiere: Psychedelic rockers Megafauna’s latest track, “Is There Anything Else”

Psychedelic grunge trio Megafauna’s muscular rock is chock-full of thrashing riffs, tempered by the hushed, heavenly vocals of lead-singer Dani Neff.

Culture Collide is stoked to premiere their cosmic psych-rock single, “Is There Anything Else,” which blends a series of dynamic rhythms into a seamless punk rock aria.

It’s truly a masterclass in kinetic creativity, delivering the kind of deliberately progressive tone which has become the bands calling card in recent years.

Neff proclaims her music to be ‘The thinking woman’s hard rock,’ but certainly isn’t shy of bashing out a good old party anthem. “Is There Anything Else” is a bit of both, pushing a ‘carpe diem’ agenda that is more about female empowerment than throwing caution to the wind.

Apparently, the track was inspired by the career of Jackie Curtis, Andy Warhol’s famous drag queen, who clearly was not a fan of being defined by labels. “She did it all,” asserts Neff. “Inhabited both genders, was a successful actress, playwright, famous scenester and epic partier. After you’ve done all that, what is left to do?”