Song Premiere: Down and Outlaws “Common Sense”
song premiere

Rock ‘n’ Roll is not dead and the Down and Outlaws are here to prove it with their new track “Common Sense”.  After releasing their debut EP, Backwards From the Dead in 2015 the San Francisco bred foursome made a name for themselves showing up on everything from Last Call with Carson Daly to an Oliver Stone soundtrack, and finally landing themselves a spot in the lineup for the biggest music festival in their hometown, Outside Lands.

Down and Outlaws have figured out the recipe for creating a great song with no bullshit.  They took all of the rock ‘n’ roll ingredients, fuzzy guitar riffs, heavy drum beats, and mixed them together to come up with “Common Sense”.  This newest collection of sounds is four minutes of head banging driven rock with layers of psych while Peter Danzig’s vocals border on glam. This track is a tall cup of black coffee at 6am designed to smack you in the face and get you out of bed.  No sugar added.

‘Common Sense’ was written during a moment of uncertainty regarding decisions I’d made to chase dreams and follow a certain path. No matter what you’re doing, I think people have flashes of doubt and anxiety about their choices. Sometimes you can shake them off and sometimes they linger. The band had written the music to the song first and it felt frantic and ready to boil. The lyrical content was developed to complement that vibe.’ -Peter Danzing

photo by: Scotty Liberatore