Song Premiere: “Morning Stay” by Doc Robinson
song premiere

Ever wake up and open your window only to see the outside world going down in flames?  Better to just close the blinds and go back to sleep for a while.  Maybe things will be better in a couple hours.

That’s the vibe behind “Morning Stay,” the new single from Columbus, Ohio-based pop-rock duo Doc Robinson.  Doc Robinson is the creative project of Nick D’Andrea and Jon Elliott, self-described purveyors of “Backyard BBQ Breakup Music.”  D’Andrea and Elliott came together in 2016 to write their first song “It’s Over,” and later that night decided (via text-message) to name their new band after their two major influences: Dr. Dog and Smokey Robinson.  Since then, the duo has recorded an EP called Golden Daze and a full length titled Deep End, steadily focusing and refining their laid-back beach-rock-meets-studio-pop style.  “Morning Stay” comes from Doc Robinson’s recently announced sophomore album Ring of Love, slated to release on April 20.

Like a lot of Doc Robinson’s songs, “Morning Stay” starts off pretty simple: gentle strumming on a guitar, a little harmonica trill, hazy vocals—all the good stuff.  Where a lot of Doc Robinson tracks tend to build to a crescendo of voices, strings, and horns, “Morning Stay” keeps things mellow, eventually adding some subtle organ and percussion.   The track has a something of a Jack Johnson or John Mayer vibe—chilled out, approachable, charming—meaning your middle-aged mom is likely to enjoy it as much as you are.  Put this track on next time you have a lazy morning and let the vibes flow.

Doc Robinson had this to say about writing and recording process for “Morning Stay”: “We started writing ‘Morning Stay’ on a picnic table next to a hot dog stand, while warming up for a Sofar Sounds show inside of a barbershop. We wanted to write a song that felt like The Commodores’ ‘Easy,’ or Jack Johnson covering Al Green, but we also wanted it to have a little bit of a modern bite to it. The subtext of this song is tuning out the noise, and distractions of the chaotic outside world, and finding solace in a lazy morning with your love. It also contains one of those revelation moments, like a fortune cookie that you keep on the fridge, that you already have everything you need.”

Check out “Morning Stay” streaming below, and be sure to pick up the album Ring of Love when it drops on April 20!

photo by: Tiera D.