Song Premiere: MAAGS Celebrates Individuality On “Born to Shine”

Singer/songwriter MAAGS brings us the perfect summer anthem for any who’s ever felt like a weirdo.

“Never been a cool kid” MAAGS’ sings on the debut single “Born to Shine” out this Friday, April 20th. The Austin native blends atmospheric electronic melodies with hazy, echoing vocals on her sparkling single.

“Some people were born to blend in, but you my dear were born to shine” sings MAAGS, as the track swells and crashes with electric flares. The song is a shimmering reminder that there’s nothing wrong with standing out, and that being yourself is actually the coolest thing you can be.

Fans swiped right on the singer when she played the Bumble house at this year’s SXSW. If you’re finding the feeling’s mutual you’re in luck: those in LA can catch MAAGS tonight (April 19) at Hotel Cafe at 7PM for the single release show.

Listen to the premiere of MAAGS’ “Born to Shine” now: