Song Premiere: L Con Give us Achingly Beautiful Single “Light Come”
song premiere

Listening to L Con’s  latest single is like dipping into a dystopian saloon, but with less twang than that might imply.

It holds within its transcendent melody and guitar patterns, the visual mastery of the Kubrick variety. It’s understated, but it’s heavy; it’s soft, but it presses a weight against the listener, slowly pulling us along a journey that is less an amusement park ride and more the steady climb up a mountain. Using both a variety of organic and synth sounds, the track is haunting and downright beautiful. Conway says,

“This song is about as sincere as they come. The opening chords were something I wrote for a film pitch, but the director thought it was too sad for the project, so I ditched it and ended up writing something in entirely another direction, knowing that I’d come back to it when the time was right.

When I started fleshing out a proper demo, I intended to replace all the instruments, but I actually ended up keeping a lot of my original guitars, and some of the original vocal – they felt raw and vulnerable in just the right way, and every attempt at a re-do was a failure.”

A prolific musician, L Con (aka Lisa Conway) has released a slew of albums under various monikers and bands. The track is off her upcoming third full length, Insecurities in Being, out May 25. Listen to “Light Come” below: