Song Premiere: Jon Bryant Finds Meaning in “Paradise”
song premiere

The ebb and flow of our socio-political world has often dictated peoples’ behavior, from staunch individualism to widespread collectivism.

With all that has transpired over the last couple years, it feels like we’re grasping at the latter — in that search for connection, the cult-obsessed have made a come back, and artist Jon Bryant knows first hand what it’s like to go full Wild Wild Country. Though we don’t have much details on the “group” he was a member of, we know it was enough of an experience to inspire the name of his upcoming album, Cult Classic.

“Paradise,” the record’s first single, is a ‘70s-inspired soft rock jam à la Jim James. It’s got that unmistakable west coast groove with a something a little more insidious simmering beneath the surface. A dream pop sheen on the outside, it’s Bryant’s personal conflict that guides the emotional arc of the song. He says,

“Life is too short for bullshit. It’s definitely not worth wasting on the things that don’t inspire or challenge us. I’ve always been a proponent of change and self-evolution. When I wrote ‘Paradise,’ I was going through life transitions that were becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with. I felt overwhelmed and just wanted to escape to the desert and refocus my attention on what I was most passionate about. So I did.

At times my life is very simple. Other times, it can be incredibly busy. The one thing I always return to is the value of every moment I’m awake. For me, ‘Paradise’ is moving in the direction of my passions, regardless of circumstances,  with the ones you love by my side. Everything else is secondary.”

Listen to “Paradise” below and be on the lookout for the release of Cult Classic.

photo by: Carly Dame; Bob Wick / Flickr