Song Premiere: JD Samson and Yuksek Team Up for “Don’t Even Try”

Both JD Samson and french producer Yuksek have had long and prolific runs — not to make it sound like they’re ending anytime soon.

The former is much more than a musician: add artist, activist, DJ and producer to the list. As a member of Le Tigre and forerunner of the riot grrrl movement, JD Samson has radically and defiantly eluded category for the last 20 years. As for the latter, Yuksek is one of the most seminal artists in the French house scene, with big name collaborations under his belt (Gorillaz and Phoenix), millions of streams and a label of his own. 

Bring these two together and the result is electro-pop synth track “Don’t Even Try.” It carries that fist-pump quality (both lyrically and sonically) that made late ’90s feminist punk so good while stomping its way onto the dance floor of the future. Perfectly mirroring the strengths of its co-creators, “Don’t Even Try” is an experimental anthem at its core with a Euro club exterior. As Samson says,

“Yuksek and I speak the same creative language. When you find that in a collaborator you don’t let it go. We did some sessions a few years back and he sculpted my vocal into a whole new character living in a whole new world. I am always amazed at the artist that he is. Both prolific and inspired, gentle and ecstatic.”

Listen to “Don’t Even Try,” add it on streaming here, and be sure to catch Yuksek on tour. Dates below.

6/1 – Los Angeles (Union)
6/2 – Montreal (Newspeak)
6/3 – New York (Elsewhere)
6/15 – Bourg (Vie Sauvage fest.)
7/6 – Paris (Wanderlust)
7/7 – Tours (Terres de son)
7/8 – Calvi (COTR)
7/12 – St Aubin (Pete the monkey)
7/13 – Reims (Le Clos)
7/16 – La Baule (Villa La grange)
7/20 – London ( Camden Assembly)
7/21 – Carhaix (Vielles charrues)

photo by: courtesy of the artist