Song Premiere: Grounders’ New Wave Jam “Scum For You”

Jangly guitars, shimmering percussion and that 80s’ new wave irreverence make up the key ingredients on Grounders‘ new track “Scum For You.”

Steeped in a nostalgia, both musically and lyrically, “Scum For You” chronicles a time of young love, “cooking eggs in the afternoon,” and the age old listlessness of those years in between — too old to play but too young to go out into the world, or maybe just too stubborn. It’s a time spent in bedrooms and classrooms, parking lots and cars, wherein inhabiting such spaces is both freeing in its simplicity and infinitely confining. As the bands puts it: “50% Cure tinged sad boy love song 50% Waylon Jennings piss soaked saloon. A love song from the perspective of a guy who eats only at gas stations but has very well curated collection of Boss guitar pedals.”

Listen to “Scum for You” below and be on the lookout for Grounders’ new album Coffee & Jam, out February 23 on Nevado music. 

photo by: courtesy of the artist