Song Premiere: Freedom Fry Goes Western for “Cold Blooded Heart”
song premiere

The transatlantic duo that is Freedom Fry (a name that cleverly points to their French-American combo), has always evoked a late ‘60s aesthetic with effortless precision.

From tonality to wardrobe, cover art and production, their attention to detail and consistency has made them this generation’s Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. And like the aforementioned pair, Freedom Fry can seamlessly dip into more cinematic genres with ease. That’s exactly what they do on “Cold Blooded Heart,” a spaghetti western ballad aimed at past lovers who done them wrong. Like they say, 

“We’ve both been in past relationships with people who were downright mean. This song explores our feelings on those moments from our past. The rollercoaster of emotions you feel. The urge to change them.”

The track utilizes the kind of transporting chord progressions that take listeners from couch bound to the Badlands. But what they create is more interesting than a mood. It’s a story, and one that weaves into unexpected territory — a key change, beautiful string arrangements and a lil’ something special tugs at the heart, no matter how cold blooded it may be.

The track is off their forthcoming debut album Classic, out June 1. Listen to “Cold Blooded Heart” below:

photo by: Michelle Shiers; Rico Quintas/Flickr