Song Premiere: Cody Lovaas and Caroline Pennell make Beach-Pop Harmony with “Turbulence”
song premiere

Cody Lovaas is just a normal kid from San Diego. He likes to go surfing with his friends, hang out on the beach, and play his guitar.  He also has a single with over a million streams on Spotify.

Beyond being your typical surfer kid from sunny SoCal, Lovaas also happens to be a gifted singer/songwriter with a penchant for honest lyricism and an infectious sort of John-Mayer-doing-R&B vocal style.  Cody picked up the guitar at age seven and instantly fell in love with the instrument, and began writing his own songs soon after.  Thanks to a little help from Jason Mraz, who discovered him playing in a coffee shop, he was opening for international artists before he was even out of high school.  But it was his breakout hit “Lie” that put him on the map last year, garnering millions of streams and a wave of positive critical attention.  The combination of chill beachy vibes and his modern pop-influenced vocal style that sets him apart from his contemporaries and settles him in an accessible sweet-spot with potential to appeal to all kinds of music fans.

Now eager to take his rising star to the top, Cody is releasing a steady stream of new singles throughout the year, the latest of which, “Turbulence,” features a stunning guest appearance by vocalist Caroline Pennell, who you may remember as a finalist on the fifth season of The Voice.  The sounds on the track seem like a logical next step for Lovaas, featuring a more robust production than his previous work.  The result is a smokey, intimate duet that feels like The Weeknd playing barefoot on a beach at night to an audience of one. He says,

“I am so excited about this song – not only because we have Caroline Pennell as an amazing feature on the track, but also because the story rings true to me. It’s about someone who loves in a ‘ride or die’ type way to everyone. When someone falls in love too fast and too hard too often, they’ll burn out. Caroline and I had one simple goal during our writing session – to tell a story. Once we wrote most of the song, we figured we should be telling both sides of the story instead of just mine. And I love the way both halves of the story came together.”

Cody Lovaas is definitely a young rising star to watch out for—this kid is going places!  Check out “Turbulence” below, streaming exclusively on Culture Collide, and be sure to keep your eyes and ears pealed for his new singles as they release throughout 2018!

photo by: courtesy of the artist