Song Premiere: “Alive” by HAWAI
song premiere

Blending equal parts 80s synth pop and 2000s radio rock, SoCal alt-rockers HAWAI present a sound bubbling with uplifting optimism and hope for a better tomorrow.

The positivity on their forthcoming sophomore EP Hide in the Ocean is undeniable and downright infectious, as showcased here on their new single “Alive.” The track opens with a pulsing beat of bass and drums, an introduction to the spontaneous inertia that propels HAWAI through their new EP. Simple synths and airy vocals fill out the sound, landing somewhere between Tears for Fears and Franz Ferdinand. Confident, but not without its own misgivings, “Alive” implores the listener to live in the moment and appreciate the little wonders that make life worth experiencing. As Jake from the band says:

“‘Alive’ is about the deeper feelings of living, not just merely breathing and existing. In today’s culture, it’s so easy to wake up and blend-in throughout the day. To be carbon copies of those around us. For us, life has taken some big turns and we’re much more conscious of the things that don’t matter like they used to. ‘Alive’ is the idea of somehow shedding the B.S. and digging into the real stuff.”

And though it feels like they try to practice what they preach, an inescapable aura of apprehension pervades throughout the track reassures the listener that HAWAI are still looking for the answers themselves. You’re not alone when you listen to “Alive,” you’re right there with the band, yearning for purpose and reaching for meaning. But that’s all part of the journey.

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photo by: Samuel Richard