SOAK makes a splash in San Francisco

You may remember us speaking with SOAK a few weeks back.  

Last week she performed at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco in support of her new album Grim Town.

The intimate show was packed with what this city likes to call early adopters.

She and her band covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, playing songs from both of her albums.

While Grim Town has a slightly poppier sound than her debut album, she was able to weave in and out of both albums with the help of her talented backing band.

At one point we couldn’t figure out where the brass was coming from as everyone onstage seemed to be pulling double and even triple duty.

The result was a show worthy of a bigger stage and we have no doubt she’ll get there.

Her US tour is almost finished with just a few dates remaining but fear not!

She’ll be making her US television debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers on 6/25.  Hopefully, this exposes her to the wider audiences she deserves.

Don’t miss out.

photo by: David Iskra