Slow Pulp generates a light and ethereal sound in “High”
Slow Pulp

Forming in Wisconsin, but currently residing in Chicago, Slow Pulp crafts stunningly melodic music that sinks deep into your soul.

Their single, “High,” showcases melancholy resonating vocals sung delicately across deep guitar riffs. The song concludes on powerful soundscapes of intense electric guitar elevating the track to a new level.

Culture COLLiDE had the pleasure of interviewing this dynamic and innovative group discovering everything from their inspiration for “High,” their musical influences and more.

Culture COLLiDE: How has growing up in Wisconsin influenced your music and what is your experience like now pursuing music in Chicago?

Slow Pulp: Growing up in the Madison music community was cool because there was definitely a lot of music happening there, considering its size, and everybody is really supportive of each other/friends. In our experience, the physical isolation of many smaller midwestern cities creates strong local scenes, but there is also a cap to how much you can grow. Moving to Chicago has been great because it has that Midwestern sense of community but is much more of a national hub for music and culture.


CC: What was the inspiration behind your new single “High”?

SP: It was inspired by really specific, uncomfortable experiences.


CC: Who are your biggest inspirations in music today and why?

SP: My Bloody Valentine, Deerhunter, Fleetwood Mac, Beach House, Cate Le Bon, Pavement, Big Thief, Cat Stevens, Sheryl Crow. Melodic and emotional rock songwriting, in America


CC: Is there a special meaning behind the name Slow Pulp?

SP: It didn’t start with a special meaning, just a riff on our favorite OJ. But as our music has developed, it’s taken on meaning in relation to our sound. One might call it slow pop or slop pop, maybe slow hope.

photo by: Rachel Cabitt