Sisters in Sound: Boygenius Recap

When most friends get together for a road trip they pile in a car and head to the beach or maybe the mountains, Vegas if they’re feeling particularly wild.  The women in Boygenius took it one step further. They hit the road. The band consisting of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus recently joined forces to record a self-titled six song EP something that wouldn’t normally warrant an outing.  It was obvious throughout the night that this was also an excuse to enjoy each other’s company.  The three woman seem to share a bond not often seen in the music business and it translated into a magical evening of music.

While each of them already have burgeoning solo careers, Boygenius seems to be drawing a lot of attention.

Maybe it’s the simple fact that three voices are louder than one. Whatever the reason, it seems to be working as all three are closer to becoming household names. While the EP is one factor, their live show is without a doubt the biggest source of their newfound fans.

Each of them are known for their incredible performances but having all three of them in one night was truly special.

The night began with Lucy Dacus playing a short set on a sparsely decorated stage.

drawing mostly from her recent release, Historian. Her voice cutting through the darkness as people slowly realized the show had begun. Confident in her own voice, Darus continued as people slowly filed into the theater.  By the end of the set the crowd was paying attention.

Dacus was followed by Phoebe Bridgers who brought a little more light to the stage in the form of string lights on her mic stand. The dorm room vibe added to the intimacy of this show between friends.

Bridgers who has been gaining steam as a solo artist played several cuts from Stranger in the Alps. One of the standouts of the evening was her rendering of “Funeral” which is just filled with aching sadness. Seemingly aware that she lacks a lot of dance hits, Bridgers wryly commented “This next song is about domestic violence.” well aware that it isn’t an upbeat topic she addressed the importance of seeking and lending help to those in danger.

After this one two punch of singer-songwriters, heavyweight Julien Baker came to the stage with an electric guitar under one arm.

While she can do the soft personal songs with her eyes closed it was her guitar skills that really pushed the evening into new territory.  The audience seemed to agree as they went wild watching this seemingly quiet performer let it rip.

Normally three acts in an evening is more than your money’s worth but everyone was eagerly waiting for the fourth and final set which saw all three members of Boygenius return to the stage backed by a small band including guitarist Harrison Whitford.

They traded vocals as they worked through each of the six songs from the EP trading smiles and inside jokes in between.  At the end of Salt in the Wound, both Dacus and Baker dropped to their knees and waving their arms in worship to their newly crowned guitar goddess as Baker shredded her fingers raw.  This camaraderie was endearing.  Seeing three musicians having fun while not taking themselves seriously seemed to break down the barrier between artists and audience as their humanity shone through. The three of these artists have long careers ahead of them and it seems they’ve each found someone to go along for the ride.


photo by: David Iskra