Sir Chloe closes out the season with an ode to late summer in new single ‘July’

Since their first single “Animal” threw them into instant public attention, racking up ten million plays across platforms, Sir Chloe has been pushing the boundaries of alternative music with edgy melodies that draw from rock contemporaries, yet show an inspired classical training.

However, while previous releases, particularly “Too Close” and “Animal,” feel like unashamed anthems of empowerment, Sir Chloe’s latest release, “July,” feels nostalgic for the dog days of summer. The lyrics gracefully navigate the sunset of a relationship and the act of tearing yourself apart from a part of yourself that can choke you.

“I enjoy the philosophy of turning pain into strength and a positive, proactive call to action,” vocalist Dana Foote explains.

To be able to look back at a part of yourself that has been broken from you and still healthily process your emotions is no simple task. Foote’s lyrics show a sensitivity that is juxtaposed against the refusal to compromise, crooning “you’re prettier than anything I’ve seen in my whole life,” before admitting: “I’d be foolish if I trusted you with everything you’ve done.”

While upbeat, the hazy vocals feel like you’re listening to a voice from the past, behind a curtain. This is fitting, as the song reminisces on a past where love seemed simpler, “in late July, I was so happy I could cry” while simultaneously not being able to remember why. These feelings are common in complex, toxic relationships, where the lines between your truth and reality is blurred. The stripped-down chorus provides a sense of clarity, the culmination of finally understanding why the relationship had to end. In the face of the dusk of the relationship, Foote stands tall and stares the past in the face, putting the band’s philosophy in the lineage of the lyricists of Modest Mouse, Talking Heads and Blondie, other uncompromising rock bands she is inspired by.

Sir Chloe was originally composed of Dana Foote, guitarist and producer Teddy O’Mara, Willy Giambalvo on drums, and bassist Pixel West; however, the group has expanded to now including Dana’s brother Palmer Foote and Austin Holmes. Foote formed the band during her senior year at Bennington College in Vermont, where she put on a concert in lieu of a thesis. Foote has a comprehensive musical background, studying music theory and composition with O’Mara at Bennington and teaching herself guitar using Mel Bay books and taking up the piano, mandolin, accordion, and harmonium. She quotes Sofia Gubaidulina, Claude Debussy, and Béla Bartók as classical musicians that have informed her songwriting.

Sir Chloe is a rising force among the modern rock music scene, crafting guitar-fueled tracks written for people seeking independence and finding themselves. “July” is a mature, polished glance into the future for Sir Chloe.

“July” is Sir Chloe’s first release via Terrible Records. The song is our first taste of their debut EP, which will be out later this year. Listen below and let us know what you think!


photo by: Cara Robbins