SINGLE: Public Library Commute Releases “You Been On My Mind”

Conrad Hsiang, better known as Public Library Commute, dropped his new single, “You Been On My Mind” on Oct. 9, 2020, accompanied by a beautiful, visually enticing music video starring Mirella Cardoso as Conrad’s subject of infatuation.

“You Been On My Mind” features a consistent looped guitar riff and soft percussion played alongside soothing vocals. The song tells a story of attraction, its chorus expressing the effect that his feelings about a special someone have had on him:

“You been on my mind lately

I tell you all the time baby

that you make me feel fine

when you got your hands in mine.”


Hailing from a small town in North Jersey, Conrad began releasing music on Spotify in 2016 while attending Hamilton College in upstate New York. Today, Conrad has amassed more than 5 million streams on his most-played song, and boasts a monthly listener count of 130,000. “You Been On My Mind” is exactly the type of dreamy, melodic music that brought Conrad into the limelight, with a vibe similar to that of tracks like “golden feeling since june” and “all day” from his recent 2019 album Over Grey Skies. His music invokes both feelings of nostalgia and appreciation for the present, making it the perfect soundtrack for moments spent at the beach, in the car, or even in bed — achieving true musical versatility.

The music video for “You Been On My Mind”, produced, written, and mixed by the multi-talented Conrad Hsiang, cycles between visuals of Conrad on the keys in a dimly lit room, artful interactions with Oranges (yes, the fruit) floating in a body of water, and scenic visuals of his belle gavotting while he strums a guitar. Watch this stunning portrayal of emotion here:


Be sure to listen to “You Been On My Mind” now on Spotify, and keep your eyes peeled for Public Library Commute’s future releases. For Conrad, this is just the beginning.





photo by: Jonah George