SINGLE: Griff Clawson Releases Pop Single, “Chasing Highs”

On October 21st, up and coming pop singer-songwriter Griff Clawson released his painfully sweet debut single, “Chasing Highs.” Clawson, whose voice has gained recognition singing on tracks with popular DJs, ARTY, Matoma and Devault, stepped away from the heavy EDM collaborations to bring us a light and breezy tune with incredible mainstream potential.

The Los Angeles local penetrated the pop EDM sphere earlier this year after the release of “You’re Not Alone,” alongside ARTY. The anthemic voice of Clawson combined with the mastery of ARTY’s beats made for a dance bop that has fans desperately missing festival life. Billboard wrote that if it hadn’t been for the devastating festival cancellations, the track would have been “one of the summer’s favored mainstage anthems.”

The rising star, who was selling out SoCal coffee shops as a 14 year old, goes back to his roots for this newest release. After being on the scene as a well known vocalist, Clawson is more than ready to whip out the guitar again and share his own music. Griff’s brand new acoustic pop sound makes it easy to compare him to the addictively romantic big boys, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes.

“Chasing Highs” is a relatable ode to the lovers stuck on someone that’s long gone. While tackling the realities of a breakup, Clawson manages to portray heartbreak in the most accepting and loving light. This is not a song to scream about your ex to, but rather a tribute to the good times and a lesson in the art of moving on .

“There’s an implicit nostalgia that comes along with any good thing, because you’ll always cherish it, even if there are more good things coming down the line.” — Griff shares about the inspiration for “Chasing Highs.”

For a perfect addition to you “chill pop” playlist, check out “Chasing Highs” here:




photo by: Peter Husting