SINGLE: Edwin Raphael Releases Single “Mild Sanity”

Providing relief from the wreckage that is everyday life, Montreal based singer-songwriter Edwin Raphael released his comforting new single, “Mild Sanity,” alongside NYC pop artist Juletta, on October 28th. 

At just 25 years old, Edwin Raphael uprooted from his home in Dubai to pursue his true aspirations in Canada. Leaving behind a career that was carved out by his father, Raphael’s headstrong bravery is leading him down the musical path he had always envisioned for himself. Taking inspiration from his departure from normalcy, his music portrays an ongoing theme of observing the hopeless and beautiful moments throughout his life and the intense emotions that accompany these experiences. 

After releasing his debut LP “Will You Think Of Me Later” in 2019, indie pop fans took notice of his intuitive songwriting and floating melodies. Edwin Raphael has since acquired the attention of 160,000 monthly listeners and can be heard on some of Spotify’s most popular editorial playlists. Raphael’s vocal style could be compared to that of Khalid’s relaxed tone, while the instrumental and harmonic components provide the same floating-in-space feeling we love from Fleet Foxes.

“Knowing, gaining control of your thoughts is as easy as sitting by the ocean and controlling waves, ‘Mild Sanity’ is that quick moment of clarity that these thoughts are perpetual but you may still find some solace in spaces in between” — Edwin explains about his inspiration for his latest single. This song is for those searching for the calm in the storm. Right now that might just be all of us

Listen to Edwin Raphael’s beautifully lush escape from reality here:




photo by: Gaelle Leroyer