SINGLE: Chicago Band, Cloudtone, Releases “Fullbreak”

On October 5, 2020, Cloudtone released their new single “Fullbreak.” Frontman Sam Kelarakis-Taylor says this single, “explores how we proceed after self-implosion, it’s ideal mood music for your socially-distanced dance party.”

The members of Cloudtone met as undergraduate students at University of Chicago, and began releasing music in 2019. While relatively new, this colorful band is already a force of nature, specializing in polyrhythmic music that layers samples and synths while guitars weave in and out. It’s safe to say that the nature of Cloudtone’s music brings out the giddy music theorist in me, as I’m sure it will for other listeners looking for more than the standard pop tune.

As their name suggests, Cloudtone uses musical colors to paint pictures. They balance shimmery washes of guitar, synths, and samples along with poetic and often metaphorical lyrics. While the band conjures otherworldly guitar sounds and features off-kilter polyrhythms, melody still lies at the core of their songwriting.

Frontman Sam Kelarakis-Taylor sings in an almost David Byrne-like tenor about finding peace through surrendering to circumstances beyond our control. The quartet reinforces this suspended tranquility through lush layers of instrumentation, building a mood of reflection as Kelarakis-Taylor sings about learning to float when the world is flooding.

“Fullbreak” is one of numerous song ideas that Cloudtone has wrapped up from the pre-quarantine days. This one definitely brings us back to happier, more carefree times. Take a break from your worries, and listen to the new track here:

photo by: Frank Zhu