SHOW REVIEW: Blue October live streams “Foiled” in its entirety for fans
Blue October

Maybe it’s the nostalgia. Maybe it’s the desperate need for a concert. Whatever it is, we’re thankful for bands like Blue October for doing everything they can to stay connected to their fans right now!

The way I usually enjoy my time off is going to shows and shooting concert photography. Often once, twice, even three times a week if I was lucky enough. Now my new normal is staying home, watching my favorite artists live on their Instagrams doing the best they can to entertain and connect with fans while my camera collects dust on a shelf. More and more artists are catching on to this new normal and making the best of these unfortunate circumstances. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending At Home With Blue October, an hour long concert stream where lead singer Justin Furstenfield acoustically played fan favorite album Foiled in its entirety.

Furstenfield donned a dapper black suit and tie and greeted fans warmly when the stream began. Though we weren’t physically in a venue, I could still feel the excitement of all the die-hard fans. Spamming heart emojis and “JUSTIN I LOVE YOU!” in the comments section, I felt the familiar energy I missed. He stated he had made the album while in a dark place and felt that so many people were probably experiencing the same feelings while in isolation and were “looking for something to fill their time and inspire them.” The stream was timed so he made sure to get straight into what the people came for, the music.

Though I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard Blue October fan, I am familiar with this album but the acoustic performance made it feel all brand new. “You Make Me Smile  was as somber as I remember it but also delicate and made me nostalgic for 2006. “She’s My Ride Home” resonated so much for many fans in the chat. Maybe this was just me projecting my own optimism for the bleakness to be over with soon, but I can’t wait for all of this to be over so we can say “we finally won.” I found myself tearing up at the stripped away version of “Hate Me“, making the already somber anthem so impactful and intimate. Furstenfield’s vocals were powerful and haunting all at the same time, how could you not cry?

Fans expressed their gratitude throughout the set, sending waves of “thank you’s” after each song concluded. You could tell Furstenfield felt the love and even dedicated fan favorite “18th Floor Balcony” to all the lovers sharing close quarters in quarantine, asking fans to “get up and dance!” The hour long set went by so quickly, I was honestly surprised when Furstenfield began to close out the set with fan picked song “Home” with a little bit of “Blue Does“. He praised the fans that came and encouraged them to come back to the next show but not without ending the stream with one simple yet beautifully caring farewell: “Thank you for making my life complete.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and will totally attend the next set! Thankfully for fans who missed this set, Justin will be playing Blue October’s History For Sale in its entirety on May 1st at 7PM CDT! You can purchase your tickets here to tune in! Pay what you can to enjoy the show.

Hope to see you in the chat!