In the Moment With Destroyer at Brooklyn Steel
Dan Bejar

Destroyer  performed on a Saturday night (January 27) at Brooklyn Steel.

Dan Bejar sounded best with the warmth of the accompanying instrumentalists.

The singer and his band were in tune to each other and the resulting perfection of sound was a reflection of that. The more upbeat hits “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood” and “Chinatown”  were especially rousing. Couples and friends got into the moment, spinning and twirling one another. There was not a lot of banter with the crowd, but we didn’t really expect there to be. Bejar’s songwriting feels oh so intimate, as if we’re in his head, listening to what he is thinking and feeling. We were content to watch him perform, his eyes downcast and focused on the song of the moment.

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photo by: Shaun Regan