Sarah Blasko’s “Read My Mind” is a Compelling Expression of Maternal Love
video premiere

Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko celebrates Mother’s Day with an emotion-packed video.

A seasoned professional even before her latest release, Sarah Blasko counts among her accomplishments five previous studio LPs and three different awards from the Australian Recording Industry Association.  Sarah shows no sign of slowing down on her sixth studio album Depth of Field.  Already receiving critical acclaim, Depth of Field is a collection of stories and struggles from a variety of perspectives, many of them outside the artist’s own experience. Yet the song “Read My Mind,” and the accompanying video, are unapologetically personal. “Read My Mind” is a genuine reflection on the artist’s love for her son, and the deep bond between mother and child. According to Sarah Blasko,

“Read My Mind is about unspoken connections, the special ways we communicate with people we love. It was written about my son Jerry & the wonder experienced in getting to know him & looking after him when he was very small. It was as though he was not yet human, very primal, so switched on to me & I to him. We communicated in a very unique way. He spoke to me in a kind of half-speak that was so adorable & I felt like we understood each other perfectly.

The video’s sparse production and minimal scenery highlight the authenticity of the feeling flowing directly from singer to viewer. Vocals intoned with a tender energy are complemented by a haunting string section that creeps into the background before swelling to a powerful crescendo. Though the lyrics are focused on the artist’s gratitude and wonder at the gift of her son, the dark videography hints at the fleeting nature of early childhood. With “Read My Mind,” Sarah Blasko pays emotional tribute to these precious moments of youth.

Check out the video directed by, Mclean Stephenson below and make sure to watch to the end for a glimpse of Sarah Blasko’s young son Jerry!

photo by: Kylie Coutts, Francisca Plaza