REVIEW: Zanski introduces alluring new EP, symbolizes personal growth

Tom Probizanski, who performs under the alias Zanski, delivers summery tones and masterful production in his latest EP Upon Frigid Water.

The Toronto based producer and songwriter transcends his comfort zone of fundamental electronic production with his dreamy, funk-infused beats on his July release. Perhaps the most impressive element of his artistry, Zanski is unafraid of tackling tough topics such as impending anxieties and personal struggles. The Canadian artist captures the feelings many of us possess as a result of the modern state of our world with his electronically-laced R&B sound.

As multi-genre influenced music soars in popularity with artists similar to Omar Apollo and Still Woozy continuously shattering categories that music once fell into, Zanski took it upon himself to create an EP that is essentially a genre-bending mix of indie, R&B and funk.

Opener “Hauntology” presents a steady groove layered with echoey vocals. This sound is representative of rising above existential doom and moving forward with an enhanced perspective.

The introspective “Threes” showcases notes of R&B with a laid-back tempo. Brooding lyrics ring “I can hear it lately only when I’m turning my back / All my years escape me, come in three and leave in a flash.”

“Organ Failure” represents the cathartic commentary Zanski engages in while learning to combat his inner self. His groovy creativity fortifies a hopeful spirit that is sustained to the end of the project.

The leading single from the EP “Consequence” is both mesmerizing and contemplative. Stratified grunge guitars create a thick ambiance that captivates listeners from start to finish.

The final track “Upon Frigid Water” maintains an anchored beat but utilizes wavy synth patterns and soft vocals to signal a close.

Musically speaking, Zanski shows growth by meshing indie-folk and elements of psychedelia to create an enthralling story. As a whole, the project tackles heavy themes while establishing a newfound sound for listeners to indulge in. This collection demonstrates Zanski’s unmatched musical intuition while delivering lo-fi electronic gems that should be included on everyone’s playlists.

Listen to Zanski’s latest EP Upon Frigid Water below:




photo by: Tom Probizanski