Recap: FYF 2017 Was a Doozy

Nobody really wants to read another dissertation about festivals so here’s the deal: we were there, you might have been, but probably not so here are some cool pics of some amazing bands and the highlights of what you may have missed:

• It was hella hot but there was also a hella lot of beer and cocktails to be had.

• Like any good festival there was plenty of food, including some crazy black ice cream and matching black cones.

• Iggy Pop was a whirling dervish and at 70 years old, a national treasure.

• Henry Rollins was in the wings grinning like a fool and taking pics just like every other fan in the crowd.

• Bjork had a crazy costume and never took off her mask.

• Frank Ocean didn’t cancel, in fact he brought Brad Pitt while Spike Jonze filmed it. It was pretty meta.

• Missy Elliot did her first show in 10 years.

• Karen O and Nick Zinner were in the pit to watch.

• So was Janet Jackson. Beyonce, Solange and Bjork danced in the wings.

• Missy’s dancers deserve double whatever they are getting.

• Missy stopped mid show in the photo pit, and a kind photographer volunteered to tie her laces.

• A Tribe Called Quest paid respect to Phife Dawg and Q-tip, said it was their last show (it’s not unless they cancel on Outside Lands). 

• Mitski is the sweetest performer thanking her audience repeatedly for making her dreams come true. She then proceeded to shred on guitar.

• Angel Olsen rocked it.

• Nine Inch Nails erupted onstage like a volcano.

• The VIP pit is just as crowded as the main viewing area so don’t feel too jealous.

• Blonde Redhead were dazzling and watching twin brothers on guitar and drums is entrancing.

• Jonathan Richman was quirky. Some people got it. Some people looked confused.

• Chicano Batman are superheroes. How else to explain their ability to play a full set in the mid-day sun wearing suits and vests?!

• (Also they made a new fan out of everyone that saw them). 

• MGMT look like fun dudes to hang out with.

• Little Dragon look like really fun people to hang out with.

• Run the Jewels looked like they had the most fun of anyone at FYF including the crowd.

• Also, their bass may have liquified the organs of anyone in the first 4 rows.

• A class action suit is imminent ; )

• Erykah Badu was a half hour late because her keyboard was having tech issues but when she walked on stage and it didn’t matter because WOW!

• There is a strong possibility Badu means Badass in another language.

• Slow Dive and several other bands not listed here were supposedly great but we can only see so many shows in a day and we tried to choose wisely but we regret missing Flying Lotus’ 3D performance and several others.

• We are really excited about next year because this weekend gets better and better each year and we aren’t sure how they’ll top this lineup.

• Everyone is tired a week later. That’s the sign of a good festival.