Recap: Peter Hook & The Light at The Warfield – San Francisco, CA

Like any child of divorce, New Order fans wish mom and dad would get back together. 

However, like most divorces, that just isn’t likely to happen and you need to move on and make the most of the situation which is what Peter Hook has done. Like the best weekend at dad’s where he lets you eat pizza for all three meals, Peter Hook and his touring band, The Light played nothing but Joy Division and New Order hits (not that either band has much of anything but). 

For two hours he prowled the stage with his signature low-slung stance almost daring the audience not to have a good time and have a good time they did. It seems rare these days to see an entire audience dance for two hours. Sure the die-hards in the front are always animated but the people in the back are usually chatting or drinking with little to no attention paid to what is going on onstage. That was far from the case at the Warfield where no one stopped moving even during slower tracks like “Procession.” 

While Hooky’s voice is better suited to the Joy Division material, he carried off the New Order songs quite well, carried by a talented band and of course timeless music he helped birth. This show was a full airing of both Joy Division and New Order’s Substance compilations with a future tour planned for the next two N/O albums Technique and Republic.

We’re already clearing our calendar. Check out the highlights below: 

photo by: David Iskra