Recap: Noel Gallagher at the Fox Theater, Oakland CA
show recap

Noel Gallagher flew into the Fox Theater in Oakland last week and brought along quite a bit of backup.

At one point there were at least 11 musicians onstage from backup singers to a brass section and multiple guitarists. These are of course his High Flying Birds and they helped him soar on a wide ranging setlist that included solo cuts, Oasis of course and even a Beatles cover. At one point an eager fan holding a sign up drew Noel’s attention.

“Whassat?” he asked the young lady.

“Your brother brought me onstage at his last show.”

“Why’d he do that?”

“To introduce a song.”

“Was it one of mine? I bet it was one of mine.” he quipped.

His endless stream of one-liners and hit songs held Oakland in sway for the entire evening.  He even stopped to mock some hipster beards in the audience and no one seemed to mind. Check out the highlights below:

photo by: David Iskra