RECAP: New York Comic Con 2017
comic con

NYCC was bursting at the seams.

We heard rumors that NYCC 2017 would move to Barclays in Brooklyn, but the convention remained in the Javits this year.

Everywhere we turned, a Nintendo character had come to life. Men in tights and caped crusaders zoomed past. We narrowly avoided attack photobombing a group of Wights.

Big name panels continued to thrive, but hunting for collectibles is still a draw for diehard comic book geeks.

Funko was on the main exhibition floor and the line wrapped round and round for exclusives. We almost gave up our day to attempt to buy new GoT, Stranger Things, and Buffy merch. But there was a lottery just to stand in line. Oh, and Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Yondu, The Walking Dead‘s Merle Dixon) stopped by.

One of our favorite costumes this year was Eleven from Stranger Things. Big and little girls sported bloody noses and were decked out in knee high socks, pink dress, and blonde wig. Outside of the venue, one gal in character even chased us down to give us a box of Eggos (kudos to the Netflix marketing team).

All in all, we had fun geeking out. Until next year NYCC!