Recap: Lake Street Dive at The Fillmore, SF

What’s the only thing better than listening to a Lake Street Dive song? Listening to it live.

The formerly four, recently five-piece band puts on quite a show. They step up to the plate, song after song, and knock ‘em out of the park every time. This was certainly the case on the 25th, at The Fillmore. Over the course of roughly two hours, the band played twenty hits—some old, some new (all ten of their new tracks actually), some borrowed (a Shania Twain and a Hall and Oates tribute) and many bluesy.

The band’s lead vocalist, Rachael Price, stormed ahead leading her fellow bandmates (Bridget Kearney on upright bass, Mike Olson on trumpet and guitar, Mike Calabrese on drums and their new keyboardist, Akie Bermiss) through the energetic set. Bermiss proved to be a fresh addition for the band, adding some extra funk and soul through his jazzy melodies and killer harmonies. His talent really shone through when he took the lead for a cover of the Shania Twain hit “You’re Still the One.” He made the song his own with a turned out tempo and slow groove. It was understated, and out of this world at the same time.

Throughout the rest of the night Price took the lead at the mic stand. Forget what you heard, Price isn’t amazing on stage; she’s phenomenal. Not only does her voice shatter windows with its raw power, it shatters all your preconceived expectations. On top of that, she’s a true performer. She swings, she rolls, she grooves and she soothes. She commands the stage with her bright presence. She can just as easily belt out a politically-infused tune like “Shame Shame Shame,” as she can a ballad like “I Can Change.” She does all this without even breaking a sweat.

Price’s ability to transition from song to song is made even more noticeable by the strength of the rest of the band. The band can play in any genre. They infuse their songs with pop, rock, blue-eyed soul, Motown, jazz, folk and even country. They have mastered the genre-less sound. The show served as a warm-up for their Bottlerock performance the following Sunday. The Boston-based band will continue to tour through November, so don’t miss out. 

photo by: Danny Clinch; Karly Stark