Recap: Franz Ferdinand at Fox Theater, Oakland CA

Liam Gallagher tweeted the other day that he doesn’t do “shows” he does “gigs”.

Fair enough, there’s room for everyone on the stage. Take Franz Ferdinand for example, they put on a show. It’s a concert and a gig as well but frontman Alex Kapranos is a performer and to be fair so is the rest of the band. This is far from an insult in fact in this case it’s a strength of the band and has been for years. From the minute he stepped onstage in a sharp cut suit and ruby red shoes Alex had the audience eating out of his hand. He continued to throw shapes, mug for the camera and most of all float in the air. It’s no exaggeration that he was in the air more than he was on the stage. One has to wonder if they are using wires like The Matrix to keep the band airborne while staying in tune. The best part is that it never feels staged. Its just that the band are such live wires that the energy seems to come out in a physical display like kids jumping on their beds and who can blame them? The band were confident enough in the new album Always Ascending to play a massive 8 songs combined with several classic cuts. The crowd in turn never stopped dancing and neither did the band.

Check out the highlights below:

photo by: David Iskra