Recap: CDMX’s Noche de Cine

Noche de Cine, one of many events in the CDMX Festival lineup, was a true testament to Mexico City’s contributions in both film and music.

The spirit of the night was marked by a sense of camaraderie and a liveliness that only LA’s Mexican community could bring. As host for the night, actor Demián Bichir repeatedly alluded to the current political moment surrounding immigration and identity in the US. While making no overt references to any one individual, it was clear he was taking a stand in saying that “Mexicans have made this country better.” It was met with applause, rounds of “Viva Mexico!” and an overall sense that the community is here to stay.

Music wise, the night was in the hands of LA Phil Conductor Gustavo Dudamel, who along with curators Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Daniela Michel, presented a beautiful compilation of clips and music from the golden age of Mexican Cinema to today’s modern masterpieces. The concert hall was filled with the warmth of Mexico’s signature ballads and boleros, written by composers like Manuel Espeón. But a highlight was when Mariachi Sol De México took to the stage, honoring a tradition so synonymous with Mexican music that it often becomes overlooked. It was a special moment and one that will not be forgotten. After exploring Mexico’s love of horror (Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth made an appearance), the surreal, and Lucha Libre, the night ended with a performance by Marisol “La Marisoul” Hernandez, lead singer of La Santa Cecilia. Explore some clips from the night below: