Raye Zaragoza Embodies Inner Strength in ‘Warrior ‘

Raye Zaragoza shows off her effortless vocals in her latest release “Warrior”, which was performed live at the prestigious Rockwood Music Hall in New York. With just her acoustic guitar in hand and the powerful raw instrument that is her voice, the song is nothing short of brilliant with it’s intense lyrical poignancy.

“Warrior” is the story of finding your inner bravery, when you’re afraid to take action. Singing lyrics such as, “I’ve been searching so long, it lived with me all along”, most of us can relate to that feeling of not believing in ourselves and our abilities when we had a ‘warrior’ in us all along. This self-doubt is something Zaragoza is all too familiar with, she confesses, “Going from playing to less than a hundred people to multiple thousands was frightening! I had nightmares of getting boo-d off the stage or missing my set or rotten fruit being thrown at me like in the cartoons.” People told her she was crazy for choosing to tour solo, but once she decided to take a leap of faith, she found the strength she needed and her inner ‘warrior’.

Zaragoza is known for creating music with an empowering message. Touching on important political issues that have strongly impacted her, her songs are incredibly thought-provoking and deeply moving to listeners.

An award winning singer/songwriter, Zaragoza’s multicultural heritage (Native American (O’odham), Mexican, Taiwanese and Japanese) influences her musical style making her the uniquely diverse artist she is today.