Premiere: Rad Horror Cranks Up Their Amps For Debut EP
ep premiere

Alt rock outfit Rad Horror, just released their debut EP, Anti Teenage Sensation, and it’s sure to kick your ass back to the  Pacific Northwest, circa 1997. 

But it’s 2018, everyone lives in Los Angeles and rock has transformed into something else entirely, almost disappearing in the first half of the 2010s. But in 2016, lead vocalist Dylan Jackson Scott left his band Young Rising Sons to form a new crew, and revive — or better yet — reinvent a scene that was missing from the So-Cal city. The band has been making waves with their live performance which includes Scott’s edgy but melodically poignant voice, a distorted guitar section and the steady backing of a drum sound any grunge fan will recognize.

The EP kicks off with “Dark Times,” a disenchanted walk through the counterfeits and the phonies, while feeling like an outsider all the while. It may sound like a cynical start, but it’s more of a defiant beginning. “Teenage Love,” examines — in full blown nostalgia — the blurry line between love and lust,  making the song a would-be staple for any 90’s soundtrack. Of today’s modern love, Scott says:

“Social media has become the death of modern romance. I’m nostalgic for the feeling of falling in love and fading to fucking black. Are we all actually doomed to roam the planet alone? Are the days of true emotion rattling through our brains gone forever? Money and fame rule our screens and destroy our perception on what is real and what is fake.” 

The EP picks back up with single “Stay Out,” a hard-hitting anthem about frustration, mind-games and a restlessness that makes for the most intense chorus of the bunch. Anti Teenage Sensation ends with “Only When You’re Lonely.” The song is like the closing of a circle, and marks a return to the melancholic beginnings of “Dark Times.” It combines all the band’s best elements to create a dynamic juxtaposition between introspective verses and a gut wrenching chorus.

The band will hit the road to support the EP throughout April and May. Check it out below!