What better time to enjoy the things that make you truly happy than now. We talked to Weathers’ lead singer Cameron Boyer about his love for music in film for his QUARANZINE entry! 

LA based alternative rock band Weathers have been gracing stages and entertaining crowds across the country for quite some time now. But with the current state of our world, finding yourself at home on an Instagram live with thousands of other fans is our new “a packed out venue.” Staying at home has proven to become tedious for many but finding new hobbies or immersing yourself in something you love has become the new path to move through our new normal. The same can be said for Weathers’ lead singer Cameron Boyer who has been revisiting his love for music in film these days. Check out his QUARANZINE entry below!

“Film has been a big part of my life since I was 14. It all started when I had to make a 10 minute short film as a final project for school. That’s when I discovered I not only had a passion for making music, but also for making movies. It was a new way for me to express myself. I realized later that it would not only be fun to make movies and music at the same time, but it would broaden my reality in life. I would begin to view the world and relationships differently. When you spend so much time replicating you’re life experiences onto the screen or a record, you get to experience them in different ways that almost help you cope with whatever is happening your life. It almost became therapy for me. Whether it was a story that hits close to home or something completely unrelated, putting your mind out there for people to see is both scary and liberating because you’re putting yourself out there for people to judge you both visually and audibly. But ultimately, it’s nice to let go when you should. 

Early on in my discovery of my passion for film, I decided to make a production company for myself called Weatherdog Productions. But I have recently worked more with one of my good friends, actor, writer and director, Levi M. Miller. Together we created the production company, 88 Blue Pictures. Together, we share our mutual love for film by writing and directing all kinds of films together. 

When it comes to creating a visual world for Weathers, it’s important to me that we become more than just the music. Weathers should be more of an experience than just a place to find music. I feel like I would be doing myself and the fans a disservice if we stopped only at the music. This should be an environment where people can get lost in multidimensional world. And it should be a safe space but also a challenging space where your ideas and thoughts can be challenged by all perspectives. This is what I want for the fans because it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. I want to share this with everyone. 

Therefore, creating a film aspect for the band that is just as solid as the music would be one of my biggest projects and is something I’m obviously still working on. So tapping into my love and knowledge for film when it comes to marking videos has become extremely important to me.”

“So when creating this playlist, I wanted to combine the visual and the audio together by only including music from movies with all around good soundtracks. And I titled it “what movie is this in?” because I want myself and others to listen to the music thinking about the movie it’s featured in and why it fits that scene or tone. This thought process is how I visualize all the music we write. It’s always a scene in my head like it’s coming from a movie.

– Drive: This movie has an interesting soundtrack because it encapsulates different feelings of exploring the LA city streets. Whether you’re alone at night and in a mood, or wanting to feel free flying down Pacific Coast Highway during sunset. 

– Baby Driver: Constantly on being on the edge of your seat doesn’t fully describe how it feels watching this one. The soundtrack helps you enter the literal mind of “Baby” creating an extremely personal and intriguing atmosphere. 

– Forrest Gump: Probably the holy grail of legendary music packed into one film. This movie is important because it covers so much of the era where music was, as some would argue, at its best overall. I don’t totally know about that, but you can’t deny the timeless soundtrack that really transports you to this time. 

– The Breakfast Club: Everyone knows the song at the end of the film when “Bender” throws his fist in the air. But you can’t overlook the rest of the movie that compliments all the angst with an appropriate soundtrack. 

– Pretty In Pink: Like The Breakfast Club, this movie also captures a good amount of angst but also what it feels like to be stupid in love in high school. I’m sure a lot of us have been there. 

– Edge of Seventeen: This soundtrack is important to me not necessarily because I think the collection of songs are so great but because I think it makes an important statement. Usually when you think of a “good soundtrack” the thought process tends to be synonyms with an *older* soundtrack. While an older soundtrack can be so incredible for obvious reasons, it’s extremely important to me that we are always looking forward. Creativity should never be stuck in one time. This movie features a soundtrack of almost all current music (at least for when it first came out). It’s like a “breakfast club” style movie but in today’s world. With today’s music. We look back on movies like “the breakfast club” and think about how great the music is and how angsty it is. But what about today? We still have angsty kids who love music from today. Who is going to look back on today in 20-30 years and think about the great movies and soundtracks from this time now like how we do now with “the breakfast club”? I think we should be remembered fondly too. 

– Guardians of The Galaxy 1-2: Hard to deny how well the music of these films compliment their stories and atmospheres. 

– Trainspotting: Covering addiction is a really hard topic because nobody truly knows what it’s like except for those who live it every day. While this movie covers heroin addiction, I think many people can relate to some form of addiction. The soundtrack here has no prejudice when it comes to who it resonates with. That panic feeling of being so out of control is represented here. 

– 500 Days of Summer: Everyone remembers this movie. And everyone remembers the “Here Comes Your Man” scene. While making memorable scenes attached to great music, it also presents a soundtrack that makes you feel so many different things. 

– Black Panther: This films soundtrack awakes a level of confidence you might not know you had. While most of this music was created specifically for the movie, there’s a couple tracks that have been very strategically placed that can really help erase some of the struggles you might have going on. Even if it’s only a temporary escape. 

– Tarantino films in general: Tarantino is known for his unique and noticeable style visually and in dialogue. But you can’t overlook the soundtrack because it fits his quirky and intense style so perfectly. Much of the music is created for his movies but so much of it are songs that sound so familiar yet so unfamiliar at the same time. Tarantino has no problem pulling from so many different genres and eras when it comes to the music. Just whatever fits the scene perfectly. There’s no shame. And no rules. And I love that.  

– Deadpool 1-2: Probably the most ironic soundtrack on this list. This movie uses great and somewhat cheesy tracks to exaggerate the moment. Sometimes you can’t help but laugh just because the song is used in such a funny way. “

You can listen to Weathers‘ newest single “Feel Good” now! Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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