QUARANZINE: Stefan Alexander
Stefan Alexander

We all need a little cathartic electro-pop to get us through these times. NYC based queer artist Stefan Alexander drops “Cry Again” and performs a few acoustic songs for QUARANZINE! 

Stefan Alexander grew up in an artistic household playing multiple instruments and attended NYU’s Clive Davis program (where he actually formed a band opposite pop singer Phoebe Ryan). He released his debut solo single “Skeleton” in 2016 (right before his career trajectory was cut short) and last summer he released his much-lauded debut EP, Thunderclap.

We’re anxiously awaiting his sophomore EP, Cry Again, which features a collection of transparent, autobiographical pop that Stefan wrote over a large chunk of his 20s while in crippling pain and also in recovery. After years of countless doctors’ visits and incorrect diagnoses, it was determined that he suffered from Central Sensitization Syndrome. The title of the EP is based on the aftermath of his diagnosis and getting back in touch with all the emotions he had bottled up for so long and didn’t allow himself to feel.

Like many other artists, the release of Stefan’s Cry Again has been pushed back due to the impact of COVID. We asked him about his time in self isolation and how the current events have impacted his creative process for QUARANZINE. Check out what he had to say below as well as some acoustic songs performed from his home in Brooklyn, NY.

“Music continues to be a salve for me, now more than ever. I’m going back to albums I listened to during simpler times. That nostalgia is keeping me going when I start to feel hopeless, when the days start to blur together. I hope that after this challenge, we remember our collective humanity, both as a country and a planet. For now, I’ll try to bring a little light into this dark time.”

“Besides writing new music, I’ve also been taking the time inside to record acoustic versions of my songs and previous covers, as well as new songs and covers. Here’s me performing ‘Signs,’ a new tune off my upcoming Cry Again EP. The song is all about looking to a better future, keeping hope during uncomfortable circumstances.”

“Back in October, I released a cover of the 2002 hit “Oops (Oh My)” by Tweet feat. Missy Elliot. In quarantine, I shot a video performing an acoustic version of the cover. The lyrics talk about self-love and self-satisfaction, which is all the more important during these times when in-person human contact is so far and few.”

You can now stream his new song “Cry Again”, the title track off his new sophomore EP which is out April 17th!

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photo by: Benjy Bradshaw