QUARANZINE: Sizzy Rocket



Being a true rockstar isn’t just about partying and playing shows – for me, it’s about accessing the best, most authentic version of myself every day! Staying creative during quarantine and making art happen has definitely proven challenging – but not impossible! DIY riot grrrl aesthetic is in my DNA, and there’s something about actualizing art on my own that puts me back in touch with my truest self every time. Here’s how you can do it too!

The flower district in LA is one of my favorite places on the planet – I’m so inspired by the bright colors, the busy energy and the fragrances. I make sure to visit every Friday morning – having fresh flowers around my apartment re-energizes and re-inspires me before I dive back into my work. And supporting local flower vendors is a big plus! We shot the lyric video for my new single, “Rollerskating” in an empty, graffitied parking lot behind the LA Flower Mall. Being DIY is a lot about observing public spaces, maximizing their potential and using what you’ve got around you! There’s magic behind every corner if you look closely…

Once I have my flowers cut and arranged, I sit down at my workspace and begin on my to-do list priorities – I’m involved in a lot of different aspects of my career, so this can mean song production, recording my own vocals, scanning polaroids, making a zine, looking over new merch designs, or booking shows. Since I always have SO much going on and it can feel chaotic, I like to make sure my workspace is organized, clean, and giving me rockstar energy! I spent a lot of time this quarantine re-designing my space, tearing photos of my idols and favorite artists out of magazines, and hanging them up around me. I also love to write myself encouraging post-its and pin-up polaroids of my current work on my bulletin board – it helps to keep me focused! I always have supplies laying around too – scanners, microphones, film, camcorders, scotch tape, and anything else I may need to quickly grab so I can make my ideas come to life!

Packaging merch is actually one of my favorite parts of being a DIY rockstar – it’s like having a factory in my apartment, just like Andy Warhol! When I get a new shipment in, I just plug in my label printer, shipping scale, and go! Each order is signed by me, so my fans feel like they’re getting something special in the mail.

During quarantine, I actually discovered a secret garden in the back of my apartment building and it’s literally helped me stay sane. Being constantly immersed in my work can be overwhelming, which is when I usually take a break and step out in the garden for some fresh air and sunshine. Don’t forget to breathe…

Watch the new lyric video for “Rollerskating” below!




photo by: Terri B Thomas and Dalton (@itsjustdalton)