shira elias

June 3, 2020

This February, as the pandemic began to spread worldwide, my partner, Joél, and I embarked on a cross country journey from New York City to Los Angeles to start a new chapter of our life. We had no idea of the extent of what was about to happen in our country. In hindsight, it really was the perfect ‘last hoorah’ of galavanting before we were to become quarantined in our new, unfamiliar home and the world, as we know it, would change forever. We surrounded ourselves with the majesty of this great land, witnessing the changing physicality and spirituality from region to region. As the virus moved west from China into Europe, so did we.
To add to the poetry of the situation, that entire week we were listening to and fine-tuning the masters of my first album, GOODS the EP, which was to be released 3 months later in our adopted city of LA. We would listen to each track on the speakers of our Dodge Caravan rental, make notes, then stop at a hotel and listen to it on headphones on our devices. What a crazy time to move, right? It was awesome. It was electric. And it was right before the country SHUT DOWN.
Landing in Los Angeles just days before quarantine began was a whole other adventure. We were so happy and excited to be there, but definitely felt a sense of bubbling anxiety in the air. We scrambled to get our ducks in a row as quickly as possible so that we could start to build this much anticipated, but completely uncharted life. And now, almost 3 months later, with our world as uncharted as ever, it seems as though the tides of change are finally upon our country. At least I hope they are.
My EP release was on May 29th, a seminal point in the reckoning that is happening right now. As I was looking inward and trying to be of service outward, I felt it my duty to repurpose this release into a platform to amplify the voices that needed to be heard. In solidarity with the climate of change exploding all around me, I donated half of the sales of my EP to Color of Change, an organization that combats racial prejudice and social injustice. As the last 4 months have shown me, change is the one constant that we can rely upon in life, and I am honored and motivated to use my music for the ultimate change.
photo by: Emil Cohen